Recognizing a Job Well Done

We all know the value of expressing gratitude toward customers, but when employees make good decisions and work hard, it’s important to give praise for a job well done. At Master Power Transmission, we could relate to a recent column by former Mattel CEO Robert Eckert.

A Tip for College Grads: Attitude is Everything

May commencement ceremonies are happening all across the country, and roughly 2 million college graduates are entering the workforce. Unfortunately, one in three graduates do not feel college prepared them well for employment. We’ve got some advice.

Investment Levels in Manufacturing Up 48%

Smaller domestic industrial companies are driving the U.S. economy as they discover new timesaving equipment and procedures. According to recent research, more small U.S. manufacturers are investing in their facilities and equipment, leading to larger productivity gains and new business opportunities.

My fellow Hoosiers…

At last month’s inauguration of Gov. Mike Pence, the 50th governor of the Hoosier State spoke of hope and determination. He challenged Indiana to be the first in job creation, education and quality of life, and in a time of uncertainty, for our state to serve as an “enduring beacon.”

A company’s revolution starts with great people

Few brands become iconic. While companies often boast about their longevity, past success does not ensure future success. We’ve seen the result of those who try to live in the past. So why do well-established businesses fail or falter?

Ten resolutions to revisit

Have you already dropped the ball on your New Year’s resolutions? Check out these 10 business resolutions made and kept by some of the world’s most accomplished professionals. Forbes magazine contributor Mike Maddock posed the question, “Have you noticed how the most accomplished people just seem to identify important things and consistently get them done?” […]

Why do some gearboxes last longer than others?

Most industrial operations have processes or equipment that are regular maintenance issues. Those that require regular attention often drive most of the maintenance, repair and operations costs. However, why do some gearboxes seem to last longer than others? The answer comes down to design, production and the application. Robust gearboxes are born to run. Minimized […]

Olympic Pride

After 17 days of competition, the 2012 Summer Olympics have come to a close. Our 531 athletes representing the United States are coming home. Some have gold, silver or bronze. Others are returning without a medal.  After two weeks of watching the joy of winning and the agony of defeat, what did these athletes teach […]

Is American Manufacturing Declining?

American manufacturing isn’t declining, it’s booming. So why are there these myths that manufacturing in America is falling? We’ve got the answers. Total U.S. manufacturing output, adjusted for inflation, was 215% higher in 2009 than it was in 1970, according to the United Nations. On a per-capita basis, output in 2009 was 142% higher than […]

The Competitive Drive of Ryan Roberson

You may know Ryan Roberson as the man driving the day-to-day operations at Master PT in Columbus, Ind. On the weekends, however, he’s a driving force behind a wheel. When Roberson received his MBA from Indiana University in 1999, to celebrate he told his family he wanted to buy a motorcycle. His wife and father […]