Paper Mill ComboGear Re-Master

Master Power Transmission received a repair order for a 20+ year old ComboGear, that had been in a paper mill. Without knowing the main point of failure, our service team did an initial inspection of the outside, checking for signs of leaking. Following the initial inspection of the outside, we opened up the unit to […]

Barr Family Tradition

Racing runs in Barr family blood. Our very own Bret Barr began racing in 1987, following his dad’s footsteps, and has passed down the love for racing to his three sons. Bret’s dad, Allen, raced for 51 years and at 85 years old, claims he still would if he could get into the car. Allen […]

Tyler Bray – The Man Who Does It All

Master Power Transmission would like to spotlight our very own, Tyler Bray, the man who does it all! Tyler is currently working full time as a Quality Engineer at MPT, going to college, and raising a family. Tyler has been married to his wife, Mickey, for 9 years and they have three boys. Their boys […]

Celebrating 50 Years with Gordy!

With great pride, Master Power Transmission would like to congratulate Gordon Lambert on 50 years! Gordon, who we like to call Gordy, is a multigenerational worker who made several connections in the industry through his job working at a golf course. One of the connections Gordy made at the golf course was Charlton “Chart” Campbell, […]

2021 Reflections by Michael Cinquemani

“…despite some material shortages and manpower disappointments, we have managed slowly but steadily to increase our output….orders appear to be likewise on the increase; so to summarize, we are really about where we were sixty days ago.  There is, however, definite encouragement in the future.” Except for subtle differences in how we say things today, […]

Master Power Transmission Hero Spotlight Series 2

At Master Power Transmission, “We commit to do the extraordinary because the world needs heroes”. Our Hero Spotlight is designed to recognize employees whose actions consistently exemplify our culture and values. We are proud to spotlight this series of heroes and are impressed by our employees who were nominated more than once. Individual Hero Spotlights […]

We commit to do the extraordinary because the world needs heroes

“Everybody wants to be a hero, but how it implements itself in our organization is every single one of us commits to do the extraordinary. That means not punching the clock, it means not just doing your job, it means doing something extraordinary. Going above and beyond. Not just doing the minimum. Making sure that […]

Wastewater facility finds multilevel cost savings

The wastewater industry is constantly under mandates to improve service and meet higher standards while maintaining or tightening their budgets. At the same time, equipment upgrades are needed to maintain current service demands. Here is a case study that proves it is possible to reduce costs and improve infrastructure at the same time: a case of a […]

Faster@Master Metrics

If you have visited our website ( lately you have probably noticed the Faster@Master  metrics (or F@M as we affectionately call it) prominently displayed in the middle of our home page.  What is F@M you ask and why do we boldly show it on our home page? It is our guiding principal in everything we do.  […]

Order to Shipment: Faster@Master

Master Power Transmission utilizes a knowledgeable staff of employees, dedicated machinery, and supermarket inventory to assemble and ship our products quickly, demonstrating our Faster@Master motto. Watch this behind-the-scenes video that walks you through this entire process.