World Class Manufacturing

The foundation of world-class manufacturing is quality and speed. At Master Power Transmission, this has been the driving force of our company since we retooled our plant architecture in 2010. We call it Faster@Master, and it’s an essential ingredient of our culture. We deliver quality gear motors faster than anyone else – committed to the highest level of customer service in the industry.

world class manufacturingIt begins with a compact and perfectly integrated workforce in our Columbus, Indiana manufacturing facility. Working from established short lines of communication, our teams encounter and respond to customer needs in a fluid, spontaneous manner. Cross-trained across multiple processes, our technicians and managers can quickly flex our production teams to optimize cycle times.

Just as important are the support teams that maintain hour-by-hour contact with our customers. Working from our South Carolina offices, the Master PT Product Specialists provide an immediate, one-to-one interface to discuss and answer any question about our wide selection of gear motors, which include REEVES MOTODRIVE, REEVES Ultima, MASTER XL, MASTER APG, COMBOGEAR, Reeves INNOVAdrive and other gearing and power transmission products.

At the core of all customer communication is our commitment to leading edge information technology, so that everything we do is grounded in precise, real time metrics.

Guiding all our efforts is an experienced team of Business Development professionals. Each is charged with understanding the nuances of the dynamics that drive every customers’ operation, and therefore, leading our efforts toward continuous improvement.

Together, our employees share a common vision. Every one of our employees is passionate about making Master Power Transmission a standard-setting company. Through a spirit of innovation and dedication, they are leading the movement to build best-in-breed products and offer an unrivaled customer experience. Their ingenuity and “give all” attitude are the fundamental ingredients that make Master Power Transmission a world-class leader in manufacturing.

Quality Gear Motors by Master PT

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