Paper Mill ComboGear Re-Master

Master Power Transmission received a repair order for a 20+ year old ComboGear, that had been in a paper mill. Without knowing the main point of failure, our service team did an initial inspection of the outside, checking for signs of leaking.

Following the initial inspection of the outside, we opened up the unit to pinpoint the main point of failure. He discovered the point of failure was the second stage of gearing (pictured below), as it had all teeth sheared off of it. This repair generally occurs after long periods of overload.


The failed components were replaced and the ComboGear was Re-Mastered. Our service team ran several tests, beginning with the output rpm. Then, he checked for leaks by pressurizing the unit. His final steps were checking the endplay on all shafts, filling the ComboGear with oil, and cleaning and painting the unit. To the left, is a picture of the final result!

Master Power Transmission’s full service repair facility, Re-Master, repairs anything from a level 1 repair – bearings and seals, to a complete rebuild (as seen above). To learn more about our Re-Master facility or to inquire about a repair, please visit the Re-Master page on our website.