2021 Reflections by Michael Cinquemani

“…despite some material shortages and manpower disappointments, we have managed slowly but steadily to increase our output….orders appear to be likewise on the increase; so to summarize, we are really about where we were sixty days ago.  There is, however, definite encouragement in the future.”

Except for subtle differences in how we say things today, it’s amazing to me how this quote from G.L. Reeves to the company in 1946 could be applied to 2021!  One major difference from this quote in 2021:  We are way ahead of where we were 60 days ago!

I remain very proud of how our team at Master Power Transmission has handled and emerged from the pandemic, and while our shipments continue to improve towards the customer service levels we’re known for, we have accomplished so much in 2021:

  • We have had an extremely safe year, our most important goal, while continuing to provide durable, exceptional quality products.
  • Our business development team has delivered exceptional and accelerating growth with record monthly order levels occurring in 2021.
  • We’ve strengthened our team with many new teammates who exemplify MPT culture.
  • We’ve celebrated so many of our team for “extraordinary actions” – going above and beyond to make certain we meet our commitments to customers and internally.  This is who we are and what makes our company so special.
  • Our manufacturing engineering team has made strong improvements in our capabilities and execution.
  • Our CO engineering team continues to design exciting new products.
  • Our shop floor has made immeasurable improvements in process while being noted by visitors for our exceptional cleanliness.
  • We’ve added new capabilities in information technology – dramatically improving the customer’s experience.
  • Our customer service team continues to be heralded as industry leading by our customers.

This is the most exciting time in our company’s history and we all feel great pride and optimism heading into 2022.  I am so proud to work with this exceptional and passionate team of people and wish all of you and your families the joy and peace of this season.