Celebrating 50 Years with Gordy!

With great pride, Master Power Transmission would like to congratulate Gordon Lambert on 50 years!

Gordon, who we like to call Gordy, is a multigenerational worker who made several connections in the industry through his job working at a golf course. One of the connections Gordy made at the golf course was Charlton “Chart” Campbell, the Personnel Director in 1972. Through Chart, Gordy landed an office job working as a Timekeeper. After working in the office for a year, Gordy transitioned to working in the shop, running manual thread mills. Throughout the next two decades, Gordy held several positions before working in heat treat, where he has now been for 30 years. Gordy states that heat treat has been his favorite position, especially in the winter, and that you acclimate to the temperature in the summer!

Gordy is regularly recognized as a “Hero” each quarter, as he continues to go above and beyond what is asked of him. 50 years in the business and Gordy continues to think of and initiate ways to improve day-to-day operations. Driven and a firm believer of working hard, Gordy, to this day will not turn down an opportunity to work overtime to help meet customer demand.

Gordy said that he is extremely grateful and appreciative of his job at MPT, as it allows him to support his large family. He was able to turn his house into a home for all of his kids and grandkids to return to. Gordy states that he does not necessarily have advice for people entering the workforce now, but that he has “stuck around” this past half of a century, because his job allows him to be able to take care of his family.

Master Power Transmission is also incredibly grateful and appreciative of all of the hard work and dedication that Gordy has given to his job and was elated to celebrate Gordy’s accomplishment of 50 years. Gordy has stated that it is now time to start slowing down, and that he would like to get back into bike riding in his free time to stay active. Our Manufacturing Manager proposed the idea of purchasing Gordy a new bike on behalf of the company and called the local bike shop to see if they could open early, so Gordy could pick out his new bike. On his 50-year anniversary, we celebrated Gordy with a pizza luncheon and he was able to show off his new bike to everyone – a Trek Verve 3 Disc.

Gordy – we are incredibly lucky to have had someone as hardworking as you are these past 50 years. Your diligence, motivation, selflessness, resilience, and team orientation has left a lasting impact on each and every person that has had the pleasure of working with you. We look forward to seeing all that you accomplish here in the future. Cheers to 50 years!