It Begins with Great People

The Master PT goal of industry-best customer responsiveness doesn’t happen without an “all-in” commitment from each of more than 100 employees. It’s pretty simple: Attract and train great people; give them a stake in our mission to be a world-class manufacturer; set a clear standard for success; reward accomplishment.


You can see it in the faces of our people. They’re here for something beyond a paycheck and benefits. They’re here because they find something deeply satisfying about coming together as a team every day to build workhorse products that make American factories run.

There’s something else you’ll see in these faces. There’s a mix of seasoned craftsmen, many with over 40 years of hands-on experience, working alongside a new generation of eager minds ready to accept new leadership roles.

Attitude Is Everything.

At Master Power Transmission, experience and skill are important. But attitude is everything. Attracting people with high character, open minds and a willingness to master new skills has enabled us to build flexible work teams that can be quickly deployed to different product lines and job functions when needed to respond to hour-by-hour needs.

This kind of on-the-job flexibility requires a team member who understands the MPT vision and takes pride in being part of a more fluid, adaptable workforce. In return, that employee feels the full support of our management team that extends long after closing time.

This two-way commitment is at the heart of the Master Power Transmission culture. It’s how we’ve earned the loyalty of customers throughout the U.S. Just as important, it’s the driving force for a team of men and women who are building something powerful and enduring every day.