Master XL

The first choice for many of today’s industries, the Master XL offers consistently reliable operation – built for performance and ease-of maintenance. Available in right-angle, parallel and combination outputs, this durable gear reducer is produced in our Columbus, IN, facility with most ratings available to ship within 48 hours.


  • The first choice of industry for years
  • Three-piece coupling makes NEMA C-face motor removal and assembly easy
  • Cast iron construction is corrosion resistant
  • Optional washdown enclosure
  • Hardened steel seal sleeves protect input and output shafts from seal wear
  • Factory-filled lubricant
  • USDA-approved finish
  • Manufactured in our Columbus, IN facility
  • Most ratings available in 48 hours


  • Broad range of integral and C-face motors
  • Flanged outputs for direct mounting
  • Bolt-on feet for ceiling or vertical mounting
  • Brake additions
  • XT and Washdown packages

The MASTER right angle gear product line is composed of two basic configurations.

  1.  THE GEARMOTOR – uses a partial motor direct connected to the reducer splined input shaft by means of a semi-rigid coupling.
  2. THE C-FACE REDUCER – utilizes a standard C-face motor, adapter and flexible coupling, connecting to the reducer.

Gearing is designed with a steel worm, integral to the splined input shaft, mating with a bronze worm gear. The second stage gears, where used, are helical, cut from steel, shaved to close tolerances and then case hardened.

The single reduction and combination gearmotor is designed with ball bearings on the splined input shafts and tapered roller bearings on intermediate and final output shaft.


Product Installation and Instruction Manuals

pt-place-master xl