Barr Family Tradition

Racing runs in Barr family blood. Our very own Bret Barr began racing in 1987, following his dad’s footsteps, and has passed down the love for racing to his three sons. Bret’s dad, Allen, raced for 51 years and at 85 years old, claims he still would if he could get into the car.

Allen had a unique start to his racing career. His brother got a race car first, but couldn’t drive fast enough – so Allen took over. Allen quickly became a standout. He won the Paragon’s Midwest National Championship Race (150-lap race for supermodified/sprints) on three separate occasions. Allen is also the only driver in the history of the Eldora Speedway 500-lap races for supermodified and sprint cars to have 3 podium finishes. Towards the end of Allen’s career, he began racing with his son, Bret.

Wyat Barr

Bret purchased a supermodified in 1994 and began racing with his dad. Bret races supermodifieds, go-karts, and motorcycles. Bret also has had a successful racing career, by always placing in the top 5. Now, Bret’s favorite races are against his sons, Brandon, Owen, and Wyat. Brandon and Wyat both began racing at age 14, and Owen began racing at just 5 years old. Owen and Wyat are still racing and have had successful starts to their racing careers. Wyat is 16 years old and races both go-karts and motorcycles, like his dad, Bret. Wyat finished 3rd in his first ever motorcycling championship – an impressive feat only two years into racing.

Owen is 20 years old and shares the same passion for racing as his dad and grandpa. In the past 3 years, Owen has won 2 championships in his go-kart. He has driven a sprint car twice; moving from last place (18th) to 7th in his first race and holding 3rd place in his second race. Owen is actively working on obtaining sponsorships and advancing his racing career. If you would like to follow Owen in his racing career, you can follow his Facebook page, Instagram, and TikTok.

Owen Barr
Bret and his sons

Racing has always been a family affair for the Barr family. They prepare for races together, which entails regraining tires, and after each race they clean and relubricate, and repair as needed. Racing has been a great way for the Barr family to support each other and work together. Unless, the two youngest brothers are racing against each other in the same class and spin each other… All jokes aside, throughout their decades of experience, the Barr family has come to learn that people do not realize what all goes into racing. It requires a high level of concentration and attention to detail. That is what also makes racing so exciting. Bret looks forward to watching his sons’ future successes and hopes that 1 of his 7 grandchildren will follow in the Barr family footsteps.

Master Power Transmission is lucky to have someone with such an encouraging spirit, like Bret’s. Bret continues to put other’s successes above his own and is supportive along each step of the way. Bret is the epitome of a team player and we are grateful to have him as a member of the Master Power Transmission family.

Bret Barr