Master APG

Known for its durability and serviceability, Master APG is a true workhorse in our product line-up. Born to run, this long-lasting parallel helical gear reducer is highly-efficient with a design that allows for easy service and repair as needed. Produced in our Columbus, IN facility, most APG ratings can be shipped within 48 hours.


  • Optimized bearing spans and helix angles for higher bearing life
  • Carburized and precision-ground gearing for long life and high efficiency
  • Extended maintenance period
  • Serviceable design
  • Factory-filled with long-life synthetic lubricant (food grade lubricants available)
  • Modular design with integral gearmotor, C-face and shaft input options
  • USDA-approved finish
  • Born to run, built in our Columbus, IN facility
  • Most ratings available in 48 hours

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