FAQs and Video Tutorials

See below for common FAQs and Video Tutorials. Please let us know what additional questions you have so we may add to this list.

Q. Where do I find parts breakdowns for Master PT products?
A. Our instruction manuals contain parts breakdowns for our products.

Q. What is the most critical dimension on the Reeves MotoDrive?
A. This video shows the importance of the J Dimension when replacing the constant disc or motor on a MotoDrive.

Q. How do I know the APG Clamp Collar is properly tightened?
A. You will need a torque wrench and the instruction manual for your gearbox.
Watch this video to see how easy it is to assure proper tightening.

Q. Where do I find Master PT’s Terms and Conditions?
A. Click to find our Standard Terms and Conditions.