Industry Leader in Variable Speed Since 1888.

For over a century, REEVES® has provided users with the reliable solutions for transmitting power at variable speeds for efficient manufacturing.  REEVES® products continue to provide accurate and infinite speed control with our latest product, the REEVES® INNOVAdrive™.


The REEVES® INNOVAdrive™ build on the rugged reputation of the legendary Reeves MotoDrive to provide a modern drop-in replacement with identical mounting dimensions and load capability of the MotoDrive.  Featuring a reduced mass and smaller overall envelope, the INNOVAdrive is a pre-engineered, pre-assembled, pre-programmed and ready-to-install variable speed drive package.  The INNOVAdrive utilizes the rugged and reliable Master APG gear reducer, an inverter capable TEFC motor, a variable frequency drive and a mounting adapter with hardware. 

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