REEVES® MotoDrive®

Ideally suited for demanding applications where simplicity of maintenance and durability are critical, the REEVES® MotoDrive® offers infinitely variable speed within a range and is specially-designed for high starting torque, excellent shock resistance, long life and low maintenance. REEVES® INNOVAdrive™ is a drop-in replacement for REEVES® MotoDrive® that provides energy savings as well as process improvements. It is shipped pre-assembled with our Master helical gear reducer, an inverter duty TEFC motor, a state-of-the-art AC variable frequency drive and pre-engineered mounting adapter.


  • Exceptional torque and shock load capability
  • Up to 10:1 speed range
  • Reliable construction with serviceable design
  • A variety of mounting options, controls and enclosures
  • Readily available units include washdown, explosion-proof, and other popular industry standards


  • The upgraded REEVES® MotoDrive® line incorporates machined-all-over ductile iron discs in case sizes 050 to 200. Ductile iron is more durable than cast iron, with a tensile strength of more than double cast iron, which means more resistance to grooving of the the disc face.
  • The improved REEVES® MotoDrive® line incorporates a REEVES® NEMA standard C-face construction motor. If you need to change motors for any reason, you can replace it on the spot with an off-the-shelf C-face motor.
  • The no-lube bushing and key design has been improved on the constant disc assembly, in case sizes 050 through 200, to allow the torque to be transmitted directly through the nylatron key. The result is improved shock handling capacity and less wear.
  • The improved MotoDrive® unit, in sizes 100 and 200, features a screw type shifter with a round handwheel for more positive control.

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