Master Power Transmission Hero Spotlight Series 2

Hero Spotlight

At Master Power Transmission, “We commit to do the extraordinary because the world needs heroes”. Our Hero Spotlight is designed to recognize employees whose actions consistently exemplify our culture and values. We are proud to spotlight this series of heroes and are impressed by our employees who were nominated more than once. Individual Hero Spotlights can be found on our Facebook Page and our next series of MPT Heroes are listed below.

Chris, Tom, Tyler, and Rago: “Chris, Tom, Tyler, and Rago worked together to put a new design together, fabricate, test, and manufacture it. Because of their hard work and dedication to getting the job done, our customers didn’t suffer.”

Gwynne: “Gwynne went above and beyond getting the plant ready for a customer tour and maintaining that cleanliness afterwards. Way to be a hero Gwynne!”

Terry and Rick: “Rick and Terry are consistently going above and beyond to help people in other departments, areas, etc. They both spent time looking for parts and prioritizing items we needed to release orders. Way to commit to do the extraordinary gentlemen!”

Dave: “Dave offered to stay an extra 3+ weeks before his retirement to help train his replacement. It shows the level of dedication that Dave has to MPT.”

Blake and Roman: “Blake and Roman stayed late to make certain that the customer orders would get out. Way to commit to do the extraordinary!”

Marty: “Marty volunteered to stay late, so we could continue to work to get orders out for customers on Saturday. Thanks for being a hero Marty!”

Susan, Rago, and Chris: “Susan, Rago, and Chris worked together to gather resources for parts and played an active part in making certain that our customers received their orders.”

Mike: “Mike took initiative and implemented a new feature in assembly. Way to go Mike!”

Darrell: “Darrell worked hard to clean in areas that he wasn’t responsible for. He has pride in his work area, always keeping it clean; in fact, his area is the “clean standard” that the rest of the plant abides by. Darrell saw that the areas outside of his needed to be cleaned better and took action. Thank you Darrell!”

Karan: “Karan jumps right in to do anything he can to help. He has this mindset every day he is at work… goes above and beyond to get the job done.”

Rick: “Rick is a true asset to MPT. He is consistently going above and beyond his assigned duties to help people in other departments, areas, etc., with whatever it is that they need help with.”

Heroes – thank you for your commitment to our organization! We are already looking forward to our next series of MPT Hero Spotlights!