The New Face of Blue Collar.

For years, the media has told us manufacturing is dead in the U.S. But hundreds of American companies are sharpening their competitive edge with a new kind of, highly technical blue collar worker. This inspiring short video profiles what’s happening at Greenville, SC-based ADEX Machining Technologies. Rather than just operate a machine, the employee programs […]

The One Thing That Matters.

Great companies thrive because they understand what their customers really want and deliver it … brilliantly! Apple understands people want easy-to-use electronic devices to customize and broaden their digital experience. Ford understands that with quality, fuel-efficient cars as a given, people want the same technology firepower in their cars that they enjoy in their smartphones. […]

What Great Teams Do: The Green Bay Packers

At Master Power Transmission, we believe teamwork is critical to the success of American manufacturing. Here’s the first in a series about teams we admire. Super Bowl winners last season, the Green Bay Packers went 15-1 this year before losing in the playoffs to the Giants. The Pack’s sustained level of performance over the last […]

Master Power Transmission’s Project E-236.

Delivering 88% of our critical products and parts within 48 hours didn’t happen overnight. It took the full commitment from 52 employees who understood how a competitive edge like this meant more than just job security. Here’s a short video that explains how we did it.

Doing Ordinary Things in an Extraordinary Way.

Master Power Transmission exists in a highly competitive industry. Competition is good. It makes us all strive to be better and creates a good kind of stress in our daily activity. As we get better, we make things better for our customers — and that’s how we win. For anyone in manufacturing, there’s a temptation […]

48 Hours

Master Power Transmission is “fanatically focused on customer service. And we know that makes a difference to customers.” CEO Michael Cinquemani discusses how Master PT has reorganized its processes to have critical products and parts in inventory to meet customer needs.

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It’s amazing what a little focus can do! That’s the purpose of this message. We, at Master Power Transmission, are very excited about the positive changes we are making. We are focused on making your total customer experience the best it can be. That means faster cycles, immediate availability of information and better overall support […]

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