The One Thing That Matters.

Great companies thrive because they understand what their customers really want and deliver it … brilliantly! Apple understands people want easy-to-use electronic devices to customize and broaden their digital experience. Ford understands that with quality, fuel-efficient cars as a given, people want the same technology firepower in their cars that they enjoy in their smartphones.

master pt power transmission products
Well-engineered products, built to last.

At Master Power Transmission, we understand one thing that really matters to our customer is uptime. For industrial engineers and maintenance supervisors, immediate access to the workhorse products that keep a plant in motion is critical.

Shipping as much as 88% of our products and parts within 48 hours is but one critical part of accessibility. Just as important are products that are easy to maintain and repair. And that’s what you get with Master PT: Well-engineered mechanical power transmission products, built to last.