What Great Teams Do: The Green Bay Packers

At Master Power Transmission, we believe teamwork is critical to the success of American manufacturing. Here’s the first in a series about teams we admire.

Super Bowl winners last season, the Green Bay Packers went 15-1 this year before losing in the playoffs to the Giants. The Pack’s sustained level of performance over the last three years (since the retirement of Brett Favre) begs the question: What makes these guys so good?

A lot of factors impact the way a 53-man roster performs. But here are some interesting facts.

Packers Riding Bike to Training Camp
It started with Coach Lombardi. The Packers ride kids bikes to training camp, to the delight of their legions of fans.

The Packers do things differently. It starts at opening day of training camp when every player rides a kids bicycle to the complex. But it doesn’t end there.

Green Bay has 16 undrafted players on their roster, most of any NFL team. Think these guys aren’t motivated to give their best, every practice and every game?

They have five tight ends on the roster (most in the league). Running multiple tight end sets gives the Packers a great weapon to confuse defenses.

Their QB coach is a veteran of the Canadian Football League, where the key to the game is small ball … moving the chains. For 19 straight games (dating back to 2010), Green Bay was a model of ball control consistency.

Finally, they’re the only NFL team with college (not professional) cheerleaders on the sideline. It’s all part of a small town culture that creates a indelible bond between players, coaches and fans.