Doing Ordinary Things in an Extraordinary Way.

Master Power Transmission exists in a highly competitive industry. Competition is good. It makes us all strive to be better and creates a good kind of stress in our daily activity. As we get better, we make things better for our customers — and that’s how we win.

For anyone in manufacturing, there’s a temptation to let negative news coming from the national media about jobs, competitiveness and a stagnant economy influence the way we view the world.

Master Power Transmission Gear Reducer Production
A Master Power Transmission APG, assembled and ready for inventory.

At Master PT, we focus on what we can control. We are superbly positioned to do ordinary things in an extraordinary way:

• An experienced workforce that’s aligned around speed and motivated to excellence and success.
• The freedom to call our own shots … to do things in the best interests of our customers.
• A manageable line of exceptionally-designed products that have proven their value year after year.
• A highly flexible, well equipped manufacturing center.

Working as a team, with the clear goal of dramatically raising the bar on customer service, we’ve brought fresh thinking to an often stale business. The results speak for themselves: Industry-best delivery, immediate accessibility of parts and remarkable quality.

And we’re really just getting started.

Not yet two years old, Master Power Transmission will continue to innovate and evolve in the coming years. We’ll do it not by listening to the nay-sayers, but by a relentless drive to take our talents and deliver something extraordinary to our customers every day.