Faster@Master Metrics

FasterMaster metricsIf you have visited our website ( lately you have probably noticed the Faster@Master  metrics (or F@M as we affectionately call it) prominently displayed in the middle of our home page.  What is F@M you ask and why do we boldly show it on our home page? It is our guiding principal in everything we do.  We know that providing our robust, high quality products FASTER is paramount for our customers!

 In 2010, we took on an initiative to strategically invest in our parts supermarket and finished goods inventory so that we could react “faster” to customer demand for Master products.  Since then, we have invested in machinery and process so that we can replenish our supermarket and build our products “faster”.

What does it mean?

At Master Power Transmission, two of the most important metrics we review weekly are the percent of lines shipped within 48 hours and the average cycle per line item in days. We are fanatical about these 2 measurements and we want you to know that!  In fact, we publish a running 4 week summary of both of these metrics on our website.  We are by no means perfect, but we are pretty darn close!

While other manufacturers’ lead times are increasing, MPT’s lead times continue to be “Faster@Master”. I invite you to visit our website ( and review our “Faster@Master” metrics.  Better yet, take a dive into our F@M video to see how fast we really are!