Ten resolutions to revisit

Have you already dropped the ball on your New Year’s resolutions? Check out these 10 business resolutions made and kept by some of the world’s most accomplished professionals.

Forbes magazine contributor Mike Maddock posed the question, “Have you noticed how the most accomplished people just seem to identify important things and consistently get them done?” It led him to study successful people and develop a list of 10 resolutions for 2013.

Here’s a summary of his top 10 list:

1)  Spend more time on the not-to-do list.

Get a better understanding of what matters least so you can identify and focus what matters most.

2)  Essential first, email second

Don’t be distracted by insignificant e-mail. Focus on the most important tasks of the day.

3)  Resolve to think about “Who” instead of “What”

The real innovation starts with the end consumer.

4)  Resolve to find your purpose

If you don’t know your company’s purpose or even your own, finding one is the worthiest of resolutions.

5)  Resolve to support a cause

Create or identify a cause that you’re passionate about. Your contribution will make you happier.

6)  Resolve to invent more choices

Don’t be trapped by only a few choices. Brainstorm, develop more options, and bask in more freedom.

7)  Resolve to find a Yin for your Yang

If you are “Steve Jobs,” who is your “Steve Wozniak?” Find an equally passionate partner.

8)  Resolve to get outside your jar

Don’t rely on your expertise. Learn from other experts solving similar challenges.

9)  Resolve to be a creator

Creators change the world. Victims just whine.

10) Plan vacations (now)

What’s the payoff for all your hard work? Give yourself something to look forward to.

Check out the complete story and more from Mike Maddock at Forbes.com.