Recognizing a Job Well Done

We all know the value of expressing gratitude toward customers, but when employees make good decisions and work hard, it’s important to give praise for a job well done. At Master Power Transmission, we could relate to a recent column by former Mattel CEO Robert Eckert.

In 2000, Eckert came to Mattel Inc. as an outsider after spending 23 years at Kraft Foods Inc. The world’s largest toy company was losing $1 million a day. He began his journey with a “town hall” gathering in the company’s cafeteria.

“I know how this works. We will turn things around, and because I’m the new, outsider CEO, I’ll get a lot of the credit. But I know who’s really going to deserve the thanks – all of you. I appreciate what you’re about to accomplish,” Eckert said in his column in Harvard Business Review.

Eckert retired from Mattel in 2011. Over the past six years the company has been named one of Fortune’s Best Companies to Work.

How did he turn the company around? By promoting a culture that recognized a job well done.

“Why not say thank you more often – and mean it,” he said.

Since Master Power Transmission’s spin-off in 2010, we have fostered a culture of service –service to not only our customers, but to one another. Our ability to deliver most of our products within 48 hours is a testament to our team-oriented company culture and our employees. In less than two minutes, see for yourself in this employee video:

Why We Love to Work at Master Power Transmission