The Bob Squad

For those of you growing up in the late 60’s and early 70’s, you probably remember the popular hit TV show, the “Mod Squad”. If you are like me and just barely missed this important time period, then I will give you the Reader’s Digest version of the show. The show was about 3 young […]

Master Power Invests in New Capabilities

Master Power Transmission has recently added many new machines and processes to their manufacturing facility in Columbus, IN. Find out how these new additions have expanded Master Power Transmission’s capabilities in this informative video.

Master PT Helps Steel Mill With Wastewater Applications

One of the largest steel-producing companies in the world recently called on its industrial distributor to find a mechanical adjustable speed drive for a belt filter press within a wastewater treatment facility. Used to remove a high percentage of solids from wastewater at its Detroit plant, the company’s former transmission provider no longer produced a […]


Gratitude is like a present; giving it is the best part. I like giving presents, but that’s not my favorite part. The best part is the thought and time that goes into selecting the perfect gift that will surprise and delight the recipient. That special gift that brings a genuine smile or even a shout […]

Master Power Transmission Brings Joy to Children

Master Power Transmission employees have found another way to give back to their community. The company has adopted a family with three young boys through the Angels of Love holiday gift program sponsored by the Lincoln-Central Neighborhood Family Center.

‘Complexity is the coward’s way out’

Every day our lives are complicated by complexity, from instructions we can’t follow to lengthy forms we never read. In 1980 the typical credit card contract was 400 words long, and today, many are 20,000 words. The Wall Street Journal did a fascinating story about the need for simplicity and cited some companies that are […]

Reeves INNOVAdrive: Living Proof of Simplicity

You no longer need to engineer a solution, select components, buy parts and assemble your own electrical variable speed package for your existing Reeves MotoDrive. The new Reeves INNOVAdrive is a pre-engineered, pre-assembled, drop in replacement.

Selecting a gearbox keeping you awake at night?

So, you’ve gathered all of the design parameters and you’ve gone through all the steps to make your final selection.  Did you miss a step in the selection software?  Are you ready to press the final button to place the order?  Do you feel confident that you have made a selection of a gearbox that […]

An 81-point swing in dock to stock

As Master Power Transmission increased the throughput of finished goods, Torrance McClellan discovered a weak link. He quickly discerned that the company needed to move product through receiving and inspection faster. Since his arrival 18 months ago, today 97% of products are inspected and put away within 48 hours.

Master takes swift action to keep beer flowing

When a brewery in south-central Georgia needed to replace a Master ComboGear, their distributor called on Master Power Transmission to help them get the fermentation line up and running. The next day Master PT shipped directly a new gearbox to limit the downtime from fermentation to bottling. It also sparked a plant survey, which unveiled […]