Selecting a gearbox keeping you awake at night?


So, you’ve gathered all of the design parameters and you’ve gone through all the steps to make your final selection.  Did you miss a step in the selection software?  Are you ready to press the final button to place the order?  Do you feel confident that you have made a selection of a gearbox that will hold up to the application for many years?  Do you feel that, somehow, the manufacturer knows something about the product that you don’t?  At Master Power Transmission we feel that the selection process should be straightforward, transparent, and easy to replicate in the future. 

At Master PT, all you need are three variables – design horsepower, speed ratio, and motor frame/base speed – and you can easily select a gearbox. All of our gearboxes conform to AGMA standards. By designing products that exceed the common standards rather than meeting the minimum requirements, we can ensure conveyors, packaging machines, progressive cavity pumps and other equipment will meet or exceed performance measures.

“Whether you are a distributor or an OEM engineer, you can have confidence that what you select is going to work,” said Brian Dentler, Director of Marketing at Master Power Transmission. “We manufacture products that are durable, part number based, pre-configured and stockable . We’re about making it easier on you.”

While Master PT’s selection process is fast and easy, so is the company’s delivery cycle. More than 75% of products are shipped in 48 hours.

Discover the ease of selection for yourself. Pick the right solution for constant and variable speeds. Reach out to one of our Product Specialists at 888-616-1094 or email to find out more.