Master Power Transmission Brings Joy to Children

Master Power Transmission employees have found another way to give back to their community. The company has adopted a family with three young boys through the Angels of Love holiday gift program sponsored by the Lincoln-Central Neighborhood Family Center.

Since 1994, the LCNFC has been serving residents of Columbus, Ind., faced with poverty, domestic violence, drug addiction and homelessness. One of Master Power Transmission’s operating principles states that “we are leaders in and contribute to our community,” and Human Resources Manager Stephen Knott believes employees have truly bought in.

“Most of our newer employees were looking for something when they came here. I think they were looking for a company with a soul, a conscience,” Knott said. “In their collective backgrounds were downsizings, closures, long hours, marginal pay and marginal benefits.”

Instead, what they found was a team that gives that gives back to one another and serves the greater Columbus community. Whether it is adopting a family for Christmas, donating 23 units of blood or consistently being one of the highest per capita donors to the United Way of Bartholomew County, Master Power Transmission continues to give back.

“What we all feel is that we have a chance to be a different kind of company – a principle-centered company that has a soul,” he added. “And we feel blessed to be here as a team, building our future day by day, and providing important products to the industry with quick delivery. We operate in an atmosphere of respect and cooperation.”

Each of the three young boys will be getting a new bicycle for Christmas, in addition to clothes, toys and other items.

For more on how Master Power Transmission gives back to its community, watch this short video.