Gratitude is like a present; giving it is the best part. I like giving presents, but that’s not my favorite part. The best part is the thought and time that goes into selecting the perfect gift that will surprise and delight the recipient. That special gift that brings a genuine smile or even a shout of excitement when opened.


That’s the anticipated result, but I really enjoy everything that leads up to it. It’s a process that allows me to take my foot off the accelerator of life and truly focus my mind and heart on those I care about. It’s the thinking and planning about how and where to find that special gift that expresses my gratitude the most. It’s coming up with that great idea and then the anticipation that follows.

Expressing gratitude makes me happy. In fact, if you watch this video you will see an interesting experiment that shows expressing our gratitude to others can make us happier … 4-19% happier, to be exact.

I’m grateful to you for your support, partnership and friendship throughout the year. The great thing about the Power Transmission industry is the people and the personal relationships we have. You work hard each day to serve your customers and your communities, and that may sometimes go unnoticed.

Your service and commitment is appreciated and valued more than you know. Giving your best each day, does indeed, make a difference in your workplace, community, and world. It’s a ripple effect.

Pass it on!

Happy Holidays!

Michael Cinquemani
President & CEO
Master Power Transmission