Wastewater facility finds multilevel cost savings

The wastewater industry is constantly under mandates to improve service and meet higher standards while maintaining or tightening their budgets. At the same time, equipment upgrades are needed to maintain current service demands. Here is a case study that proves it is possible to reduce costs and improve infrastructure at the same time: a case of a […]

Faster@Master Metrics

If you have visited our website (master-pt.com) lately you have probably noticed the Faster@Master  metrics (or F@M as we affectionately call it) prominently displayed in the middle of our home page.  What is F@M you ask and why do we boldly show it on our home page? It is our guiding principal in everything we do.  […]

Order to Shipment: Faster@Master

Master Power Transmission utilizes a knowledgeable staff of employees, dedicated machinery, and supermarket inventory to assemble and ship our products quickly, demonstrating our Faster@Master motto. Watch this behind-the-scenes video that walks you through this entire process.  

Getting Smart with Maintenance and Repair

The Call I am sure that most of you reading this article have received a call at 2 AM in the morning from an end user whose gearbox has failed. They don’t have a spare available and down time is costing them thousands of dollars.  As you stumble to grab a pen and paper you […]

How to Build a Great Company

The most important factor in building a great gearbox is great people. We don’t profess to have the answer of how to build a great company, but we know it starts with great people and a great culture. The older I get, the deeper respect I have for the importance of culture in the success […]

How to Build a STRONG Gearbox

The industrial market is a unique one. Our customers’ applications require equipment built to handle the punishment and rigor dished out to keep the nation’s roads paved, grain bins full, and logistics flawless. Oh, and they want these heavy duty parts delivered fast! If there’s one thing we understand at Master PT, it’s the importance […]

Meet Josh – MPT’s Repair Coordinator

Meet Josh! Master Power Transmission’s Repair Coordinator, Joshua Nalley, is ready to help you get back up and running by making repair FASTER@MASTER. Josh came on board in the third quarter of 2015 to start up Master PT’s new Facility in beautiful Downtown Greenville, SC. Since then he has completed Master’s IPT (Intensive Product Training) […]

INNOVAdrive: better control and easy to install

Chuck, the Assistant Engineer at a major surgical manufacturer, wrote to us recently about his experience with the MPT InnovaDrive. “Our original Reeves MotoDrive was approximately 25 years old and had given us excellent service in the past. We had been looking to upgrade the mechanical drive to AC variable speed for quite a while. […]

A bold move for 2016

Have you seen our website update? It includes delivery metrics updated every week – on the front page. Designed by local firm Shift, the website launched quietly near the beginning of 2016. Besides a desire for an updated look, the main reason for the upgrade was to include some new features. One primary goal is to showcase […]