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REEVES® MotoDrive® Parts

MotoDrives were designed as robust workhorses, and we are proud to see many still running smoothly in plants that are older than those who are operating them. We continue to support replacement parts for the REEVES® MotoDrive® for anything within the belt case, as well as the handwheel. Unfortunately, we do not support anything inside the gearbox itself. The belts and discs are the high-wear items, especially if you are using one or two specific speeds very frequently. If you are looking for a part, you can start by checking out our repair kits.

REEVES® MotoDrive® Repair

For a flat fee, you can save yourself time and resources by sending your unit to our experienced technician in Greenville, SC. They will:

  • Test run your unit and measure performance metrics
  • Take everything completely apart and provide you an assessment of repairs and parts needed
  • Re-build the unit repaired and re-test to make sure it is delivering peak performance

If you decide to get the recommended repairs done, we will apply the flat feet towards your repairs OR if you opt to replace the whole unit after all, we will apply your fee towards the cost of a new INNOVAdrive™ solution!


For our next evolution, we have designed the INNOVAdrive™ as a drop-in replacement to the REEVES® MotoDrive® and Ultima®.

This new option features:

  • Performance capability based on your current use and needs. Not what your system was doing decades ago when your Ultima® or MotoDrive® was likely installed    
  • Better efficiency and power when you need it. (See the below chart of sample energy savings)
  • Less maintenance cost. By doing away with mechanical belts and pulleys, and replacing these with an electric VFD  
  • A baseplate that allows your new unit to bolt right in to the existing footprint. The face of the new reducer will sit exactly where your old unit did, with the only difference being a change to output shaft diameter and/or length. You can work with your local distributor to make any necessary changes to your coupling mechanism.  
  • Washdown Epoxy and Explosion Proof options available
  • Checkout our brochure for more information
REEVES® INNOVAdrive™ Comparison

If you choose this option, our Business Development team will work with you to understand your current use and limitations, so that your new unit will be at or above the execution level of your old Ultima® or MotoDrive®. Email to get started today.

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