Faster@Master Metrics

If you have visited our website ( lately you have probably noticed the Faster@Master  metrics (or F@M as we affectionately call it) prominently displayed in the middle of our home page.  What is F@M you ask and why do we boldly show it on our home page? It is our guiding principal in everything we do.  […]

Master Power Invests in New Capabilities

Master Power Transmission has recently added many new machines and processes to their manufacturing facility in Columbus, IN. Find out how these new additions have expanded Master Power Transmission’s capabilities in this informative video.

Meet engineers Veda Cleeter and Tim Nelson

Veda Cleeter and Tim Nelson are engineers at Master Power Transmission. Hear them discuss their backgrounds, why they joined the company, and the role they play at Master PT.

Why we love working at Master Power Transmission

Happy employees make for a great working environment. In addition to a boost in productivity, work attendance is stellar when employees are excited to come to work. Let us tell you why we love working at Master Power Transmission.

Master PT’s Community Involvement

Master Power Transmission is committed to supporting the quality of life of the communities where we live and work. Our associates are actively engaged in the United Way and other philanthropic causes. When a family was devastated by tornado earlier this year, our employees came together to lend their support in the recovery. Here’s a […]

The New Face of Blue Collar.

For years, the media has told us manufacturing is dead in the U.S. But hundreds of American companies are sharpening their competitive edge with a new kind of, highly technical blue collar worker. This inspiring short video profiles what’s happening at Greenville, SC-based ADEX Machining Technologies. Rather than just operate a machine, the employee programs […]

48 Hours

Master Power Transmission is “fanatically focused on customer service. And we know that makes a difference to customers.” CEO Michael Cinquemani discusses how Master PT has reorganized its processes to have critical products and parts in inventory to meet customer needs.