Testing, Testing….

Master PT R&D Test Stand

Built to Last – that’s our mission when it comes to building products with the name Master Power Transmission stamped on them. We continued to expand our capability this summer when our engineers designed and constructed a new Research and Development stand to run products through their paces. The new testing stand includes a cast iron bed, high-amp service, motors and VFD equipment, along with computerized data logging. This new arrangement allows us to expand our testing and evaluation of new, existing and competitive products with the goal of providing the best overall value for our customers.

The new system did not sit idle long, as new tests and evaluations began immediately. Our plans for the future of testing include competitive comparisons that will show the durability of MPT products, existing product testing to expand our capabilities and delivered value, new product testing, and customer-specific development testing. In addition to new products and customer-specific development opportunities, this kind of environment is crucial for expanded ratings and further improvements to our industry-leading durability.

In short: Our engineers love the challenge of breaking things and then making them even stronger.

This test lab is just one in a series of investments made at MPT over the past year as we continue to expand our capabilities. We’re committed to continuing to advance our ability to manufacture products you can count on and that are truly Born to Run and Built to Last.