Pulled by passion

Are you pushed by pain or pulled by passion? It’s easy to succumb to the status quo rather than moving toward excellence when the realities of life sometimes get in the way.

This was the subject of a recent column by business coach Dan Miller, president of 48 Days LLC. He calls it “comfortable misery,” where people are pushed by an unfortunate situation – pain – but lack little motivation to make a change.

Meanwhile, passion tends to pull us forward, but it will only take us so far. We have to take positive action as oppose to simply being reactive.

At Master Power Transmission, we have three key passions:

Customer Service. Beyond making a high-quality product, we provide the highest level of customer service on the market. Over 75% of our products ship in 48 hours.

Manufacturing. We are an American manufacturer of gear reducers. We invest and innovate to ensure we produce state-of-the-art products ready for a global marketplace.

People. Our people drive our business. When it comes to passion this is the most important one of all. We truly believe that our people are what makes us successful.  We are truly different in our fanatical passion for being the kind of company that is great to work for and  we know that this translates into the fanatical passion our people have for our customers.