Predictive Maintenance Just Got Real.
Introducing TACTIX, a Better Solution from Master Power Transmission.

The difference between planned maintenance for your assets and an unanticipated shut-down is time-consuming and expensive.

To date, the promise of “Industry 4.0” condition-monitoring technology has yet to produce that complete system breakthrough that would be affordable, effective, and simple to setup and use. Until now.

Introducing Master Power Transmission’s easy-to-install, 24-7 condition monitoring solution, TACTIX.


TACTIX is a simple, plug and play solution for all rotating equipment.

Here’s how it works. Mounted on each rotating machine is a small sensor that provides frequent sampling of the asset’s vibration and temperature metrics. The data it collects is transmitted via Bluetooth to a Gateway receiver centrally located within the plant. Data is then sent to the Cloud, where it is aggregated and converted into simplified, readable reports that are accessible from PCs, tablets and smartphones.

TACTIX works for four important reasons:

1. Real-Time Metrics: It provides trending data through frequent sampling of vibration and temperature metrics, which are viewable in real time.

2. Easy-to-Read Condition Reports: Raw data is converted in the cloud into an easy to understand report. This report allows you to understand the condition of your assets and predict failure. No vibration expertise is necessary.

No data interpretation is necessary; it’s that easy to understand.

3. Plug and Play: TACTIX is remarkably simple to implement. Mounting the system takes minutes. Once all sensors are mounted and the Gateway unit is powered up, all sensors within range will connect automatically to transmit data.

Click here to see the simple step-by-step installation procedure.

4. Works on Any Rotating Equipment: TACTIX is designed to work on any rotating equipment, regardless of manufacturer, specifications and functionality.

Tactix Predictive Maintenance

See The Future — Today.

The TACTIX system is a small price to pay for the complete assurance that your critical assets are optimized to power your operations for years to come. The most reliable, durable and user-friendly condition monitoring technology is available and ready to ship.

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