REEVES® Vari-Speed Pulley

The REEVES® Vari-Speed motor pulleys and accessories provide economical, trouble-free adjustable speed drives for the fractional through 15 HP range. Easy application and rugged design have made these drives a favorite machinery design option for many years. Produced in our Columbus, IN facility, most are available to ship within 48 hours.


  • Suitable for motor frames 56 to 256T
  • Economical adjustable speed drives with rugged designs
  • Easy-to-install and maintain
  • Extra-Value (XV) features to reduce maintenance time and costs
  • Produced in our Columbus, IN facility
  • Available in 48 hours

Junior Pulley – Only one moving part makes REEVES® Jr. Pulleys extra reliable and easy to maintain.

  • ¼ to 1-½ HP
  • 2.75:1 Speed Range
  • Easily Lubricated: Contaminants flushed from sliding surfaces
  • Patented closed groove lube system with grease reserve
  • Uses standard A or B section belts
  • Driven sheave options include FHP or Dual-Duty Taper-Lock sheaves
  • Fast, simple set screw mounting

Senior Pulley – Easy to apply, easy to install and easy to maintain

  • ¼ to 15 HP
  • 3:1 Speed Range
  • Uses industry standard wide range belts
  • Taper-lock flat face pulley is driven sheave
  • Self-contained spring cartridge for safety
  • XV Features on ¼ HP – 10HP models
  • Sliding disc rides on tough engineered Elastomeric Bushing: Eliminates the need for lubrication; Will not corrode or stick; quick, easy replacement
  • Clamp Collar Mounting (Collet-style hub secured by compression clamp) for superior shaft grip, concentric mount keeps wear and vibration to a minimum and no fretting corrosion means easy removal for maintenance
  • Ductile Iron Discs are machined all over for smooth running, also stronger and more wear resistant than cast iron or aluminum

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Reeves Vari-Speed Pulley