Meet Josh – MPT’s Repair Coordinator

Meet Josh!

Josh with machine
Josh at work on a repair

Master Power Transmission’s Repair Coordinator, Joshua Nalley, is ready to help you get back up and running by making repair FASTER@MASTER.

Josh came on board in the third quarter of 2015 to start up Master PT’s new Facility in beautiful Downtown Greenville, SC.

Since then he has completed Master’s IPT (Intensive Product Training) Program and spent hands on time at our manufacturing facility in Columbus, IN. Josh has the qualities we were looking for to head up the repair portion of our new facility.

Brian Dentler (Master PT’s Director of Marketing) says:

“Josh’s aptitude for grasping technical concepts, business savvy, and can-do attitude make him the perfect fit for the role of Repair Coordinator.”

Josh is an avid car enthusiast and spends most of his time outside of work tinkering on automobiles and road course racing with the National Auto Sports Association.

Josh says,

“Working on vehicles requires patience. Things are rarely as easy as they are supposed to be and in many cases you have to get creative to find solutions to the problems you encounter. This directly relates to the situations we encounter on a daily basis. I find myself implementing many of the processes I have learned while working on cars when I’m repairing a gearbox.”

 Josh’s previous experience as an OEM automotive service manager was a very important factor when bringing him onboard. The mixture of customer service interactions and internal processes he handled in that position are very similar to a typical day at Master PT Repair. Today, Josh is handling the entire repair process from interacting with the customer from beginning to end: diagnosing issues, preparing quotes, ordering parts, performing repairs, shipping and receiving, controlling inventory, and billing.

“We always try to give our customers repair options that will get their machine up and running quickly, but also keep them running for as long as possible.”

Performing repair in Greenville, SC fits our ongoing goal of being FASTER@MASTER. For repair options, please call one of our Product Specialists at (888) 616-1094 or send an e-mail to