INNOVAdrive: better control and easy to install

Chuck, the Assistant Engineer at a major surgical manufacturer, wrote to us recently about his experience with the MPT InnovaDrive.

Customer Replacement: Before

“Our original Reeves MotoDrive was approximately 25 years old and had given us excellent service in the past. We had been looking to upgrade the mechanical drive to AC variable speed for quite a while. When the mechanical drive went bad, we had two options: repair the old unit or upgrade to the variable speed unit, which would give us better control of the reactor’s mixing capabilities.

We decided to go with the INNOVAdrive system as it looked like a direct replacement for the mechanical unit, and well within our budget. We contacted Master PT and with the help of their engineers, we were able to get the replacement needed. We are using the unit to drive a polymer reactor which is used to make both high and low viscosity polymers. As we are an R&D facility for our manufacturing plant in Georgia, it is critical that we are able to make the polymers needed for future product development. Master PT and a local distributor were able to look at the old unit and come up with a 1-2-3 solution for the fix.

Customer Replacement: After

Once received, the old unit was removed and the new unit installed the same day with no major problems at all. It was connected electrically the next day and we are back up and running.

The Master Power Transmission people and their local distributor are to be commended for their service and ability to work with us to get our reactor back up and running. The INNOVAdrive is economical, well built, and is a very easy conversion from mechanical to variable drives. I highly recommend this unit and Master PT, and would definitely use them again when the situation arises. Thanks for your help and support in getting this conversion done.”