Got machinists?

Got machinists photoVarious statistics keepers have been saying that manufacturers are having a hard time finding and keeping skilled workers such as machinists. Skilled Trades heads the list of “Top Ten Hard to Fill positions”. Not at MPT! There is no lack of job applicants – and we have many employees with over 25 years’ experience with MPT. Some communities find that young people turn away from blue collar work , but in Columbus, Indiana, people know that skilled labor is important and is rewarded with competitive pay. At MPT, people come, stay, and tell their friends.

MPT’s HR Manager, Steve Knott, explains: Our experience has been that people really like working at MPT and they recommend family and friends. Machining skills often run in families as children admire the skills of their elders and may be brought up on a farm, or working in the garage. They grow up to appreciate the value a craftsman brings to their trade and take pride in their work. A skilled machinist will come to MPT and initially leave behind a number of friends in the workplace- friends with machining skills. Later, they run into these friends at the store or out in the community. They converse about moving to MPT as a complete package: Not only good wages and benefits, but an enjoyable work atmosphere and a committed team building something great- a great manufacturing business that will endure and be around for the future generations. Their friends invariably want an application. We have reviewed over 700 applicants for the positions here at MPT.

We are confident in a steady workforce that will continue to make a great product and a great reputation for Master Power Transmission.

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