From ‘soup to nuts,’ meet your product specialist

You may not need a recipe for coconut curry with chicken soup, but give one of our product specialists a try. From “soup to nuts,” our team of experts can handle inventory, product specifications, credits, returns and much more.

“The traditional setup in our industry are separate departments for customer service, engineering and marketing,” said Brian Dentler, director of marketing and customer relations. “Our product specialists know just about everything in the organization and can handle all your needs in one call.”

Master Power Transmission’s call center is located within the company’s headquarters in Greenville, S.C. In addition to three product specialists, Bob Lee, product manager, brings more than 40 years of experience in the industry, particularly with Reeves products. David Conrad, vice president of engineering, also contributes to the team and has a wealth of experience in power transmission applications and design in addition to manufacturing and general management experience.

“We are passionate about customer service, and it starts on the shop floor,” Dentler said. “It’s in our DNA to go the extra step in serving the customers needs.”

To find out more about Dentler and the product specialists team, watch this short 2-minute video.