Fortis MXD

Users are asking for Fortis by Master Power Transmission

Master Power Transmission has answered the challenge to deliver the highest quality shaft mount reducer in the market with the Fortis MXD series gearbox. Fortis, Latin for strong/robust is exactly that. Fortis MXD adds a shaft mount gearbox line to MPT’s growing line of rugged, power dense gearboxes. Fortis MXD gearboxes feature Tier 1 bearings, Tier 1 backstops, and ductile iron housings, which were all carefully chosen to match the same quality as the manufactured components. A full offering of accessories, including motor mounts, belt guards, CEMA adaptor kits, taper bushing kits, and parts complete the offering, giving users exactly what they are asking for.

Highest Quality Gearbox in the Market

  • Case carburized, precision finished helical gearing provide maximum load carrying capability
  • Fractional 150HP
  • Manufactured in Columbus, IN
  • Sizes 1-6 available in 9:1, 15:1, & 25:1 ratios Sizes 7-8 available in 15:1 & 25:1 ratios Size 9 available in 15:1 & 26:1 ratios Size 10 available in 15:1 & 24:1 ratios


ductile iron housing

for better thermal conductivity and impact strength

premium bearings

provide increased life

easily repaired

with parts available from Master PT


Fortis MXDSC Screw Conveyor Design

Fortis MXDSC line offers CEMA standard screw conveyor adapter kits for existing MXD units, sizes 1-7. Converting MXD to MXDSC is simple, making your inventory more versatile.


  • CEMA standard adaptors and shafts
  • MXDSC available in sizes 1-7
  • Converts from standard MXD units

Screw Conveyor Selection Chart