Dedicated to APG

MPT is currently committing resources to the APG product line, including a significant investment in helical tooth grinding.  Utilizing some newly acquired equipment, as well as some redeployed assets, we are enhancing our ability to support APG growth through even faster availability.

  • Helical gears and pinions: In January, MPT completed the installation and implementation of an additional gear hobber, improving throughput and capacity.
  • Output shafts: Efforts are currently underway to enhance CNC lathe capability throughput on most output shafts.  Soon, MPT will have the ability to machine APG output shafts separately from other shaft processes.
  • Input shafts:  Last Fall, MPT added capacity at a key multi-axis lathe that is required to machine the largest of the APG input shafts increasing output over 100% versus the 2014 run rate.
  • Cast iron housings and adapters: Several changes in our HMC area have improved the speed of manufacture of APG housings and adapters.
  • Tooth Grinding: Most of the helical gears and pinions for APG require the tooth-by-tooth gear finishing process, known as tooth grinding.  MPT is in the process of finishing the installation of a precision tooth grinding machine that will be dedicated to APG gearing.  This will allow components to move from heat treat to the component supermarket much quicker than they have in the past.

These investments reflect our continued commitment to leading customer service and our commitment to you to be “Faster at Master”