ComboGear advantages highlighted at Kaman conference

At the Kaman National Sales and Supplier Conference in Dallas last month, Master Power Transmission had the opportunity to submit a question for a scavenger hunt. We were pleased that so many attendees found our booth for the answer to: “What product offers a unique combination of a high speed, low ratio worm and a second stage helical gear stage into an efficient right angle gear reducer?”

Originally introduced in 1995 for the food processing industry as the Combination Tigear, Master ComboGear (renamed in 2010) is more efficient than standard worm gear reducer and a helical-worm reducer, especially at higher ratios. A right angle, hollow shaft mounted gear reducer, Master ComboGear is rated by the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) and is available in white epoxy and nylon coating for wash down applications.

Kaman Industrial Technologies Corp. is a leading distributor of  power transmission components. The company operates more than 200 customer service centers and five distribution centers across North America. This year’s conference was held at the Hilton Anatole July 14-16.

ComboGear“Master ComboGear is a great distributor product. If you know the three factors of horsepower, service factor and what your output speed needs to be, you can select our gearbox,” said Brian Dentler, director of marketing and customer relations at Master PT.

With four center distances of ComboGear – 1.5,” 2.0,” 2.62” and 3.5” – Master PT can offer gear ratios up to 300:1. A tapered bushing system for hollow bores provides a positive concentric grip on both sides of the reducer. This eliminates wobbling, eccentricity, and assures easy installation and removal.

Available in either a solid shaft, tapered hollow bore or straight hollow bore, Master ComboGear includes HNBR seals on the output shaft to reduce drag and improve efficiency. HNBR seals are less abrasive than Viton and have a wider temperature range. The HNBR seals also minimize shaft grooving and are designed to work with synthetic lubricants.

“It will outlast just about anything that competes with it,” said Master PT Product Manager Bob Lee.

The three-piece coupling eliminates fretting corrosion and allows for easy removal of the motor from the gearbox. The coupling system also dampens vibration, thereby increasing motor life.

For more information on how Master ComboGear is a great worm-helical gearbox for food processing and conveying, contact one of our Product Specialists at 888-616-1094 or email