APG logs another satisfied OEM

I love APG1Master PT recently welcomed a lumber industry OEM to the business. The VP of Engineering and Purchasing was very eager to share his experience with MPT. In his own words, here is the conversation we had just last week.

MPT:   What are some features of the APG that you particularly like?
The advantage of the APG box that sticks out for us is the quality of the electric motor interface.  The APG box does a better job isolating the motor key and keeping it immobile compared to other boxes that we have used.  Across applications where there is significant vibration and frequent changes in load in the form of large items being dropped on to the driven parts from some distance this connection is pretty bulletproof. The selection of ratios was comprehensive for our product line and initial testing showed that the boxes were a good fit for the applications.

 MPT:  Describe the equipment where the APG’s you purchase are used.
We primarily use the APG products in any location where we are moving lumber in a linear fashion.  Rollcase, conveyor, drop belt conveyor, etc.

MPT:  What makes the applications where your equipment is installed so demanding?
Our drives are installed in applications handling lumber transfer.  There is heat, sawdust, and constantly changing loads.  Drives typically run continuously over one or more shifts per day.

MPT:  How has the service been from Master PT on your orders?
Since beginning with Master PT in 2014 all orders have been delivered correctly and have come in under the quoted lead time.

MPT:  Would you recommend Master PT products to other equipment manufacturers?
I would absolutely recommend Master PT to anyone interested in using a high quality gearbox at a fair price.