A new way to shop Master Power Transmission

Remember the Sears catalog? When I was a kid, a lot of stuff came from the catalog, including our “first day of school” clothes. In the fall, the Wish Book got more open time than any of our school books. Skip a “few” years to the time when “going to the mall” was more about a pastime than about shopping. Skip a “few” more years and I would rather stay home and shop the online catalogs. The options for shopping at the big giants abound!

PT PlaceMaster Power Transmission just added one more shopping option to its arsenal of customer service – Welcome to PT Place! PTPlace.com is the mall for Power Transmission products, bringing products of several brands together in one place for the convenience of distributors.

Click, compare, call, learn, buy – there are so many ways that PT Place enriches the shopping experience.

If you are one of our distributors and you haven’t yet visited the site, please give it a click and set up your Online Registration for authorization to access all the great features PT Place offers. Once you have a login password, you can visit the Master PT store and see your own special pricing already calculated for you.

If you are an employee or a friend of Master PT, take a look and be prepared to be impressed!

While online shopping is a current trend, we still offer other standard ways to shop. Our Product Specialists are on the phone every day helping solve problems. We fill orders placed by email or fax. And – we have a print catalog – so if you want to place a mail order, we can do that too!