Master ComboGear

A double reduction unit incorporating an input worm set and a helical output set, the Master ComboGear offers long life and improved efficiency over competitive worm gear products. Completely sealed from the environment and factory-filled with long-life synthetic lubricant, this compactly-designed right angle gear reducer has an extended maintenance cycle and is easy to service when repairs are needed. Produced in our Columbus, IN facility, most ComboGear ratings can be shipped within 48 hours.

  • Compactly-designed right angle gear reducer
  • Significant efficiency advantage versus competitive worm gear products
  • Factory-filled with long-life synthetic lubricant (food grade lubricants available)
  • Extended maintenance period, completely sealed from the environment
  • Serviceable design
  • Compact three-piece coupled motor design uses standard C-face motors
  • Shaft output along with straight bore and bushed hollow output options
  • Wide variety of mounting options available
  • USDA-approved finish
  • Built in our Columbus, IN facility
  • Most ratings available in 48 hours



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